Ace Reporter – YEARLING XL COVER9C.2-1600×1600

Ace Reporter – Yearling XL (CD)


“‘Untouched And Arrived’ feels like a song straight out of the golden era of Duran Duran or Tears For Fears, yet it’s got a timeless feel to it and an undeniable melody.” – Bruce Warren, Program Director (WXPN)

“Sounds like The Shins and Broken Bells” – AOL Spinner

“A magical bit of pop rock” –

“Stick To” offers a good sampling of Ace Reporter’s sound, which recalls the moody drive of The National, just a little more immediate in its scale.” – PopMatters


“Snyder’s melodic baritone brings Matt Berninger’s to mind and that Ace Reporter’s detailed, vignette-based songwriting flashes glimpses of the National.” – PopMatters

“Yearling takes alterna-pop and washes it in rain-soaked experience.” – The Owl Mag

“Stylistically varied and lyrically vivid” BuzzBands LA

“‘Untouched And Arrived’ is one of those rare instances where silky-smooth vocals and a catchy chorus has you completely perplexed and in the mood for a long, long drive.” – Magnet

“the tunes gracefully vary from pop to soul to more of an electronic feel, while all carrying a tone of freshness and simplicity.” – The Wild Honey Pie

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Product Description

Ace Reporter’s debut album “Yearling XL” featuring the Top 10 songs from the threesixfive project + 3 bonus tracks produced by Ace Reporter and Theo Aronson.