“I wouldn’t be doing this if I felt I had a choice,” realizes Nic Snyder. He pauses, sips a beer. “I don’t think I have a choice.”

He’s talking about life as a musician, and more specifically, about his band… 1,2,3. The band includes long-time pal Josh Sickels on drums.

Discovered by Ooh La La founder and producer, Theo Aronson, who convinced the band to drive to Brooklyn, NY and record with him in his studio for a long weekend. The session yielded their breakthrough single “Confetti” and the b-side “Can’t Bribe God”. These two songs become OLL001, the band’s debut 7″ (released on color vinyl), launching Ooh La La Records. Shortly after the release of the “Confetti” 7 inch the band visited the UK, resulting in another single being released by UK tastemaker label Chess Club Records, and airplay on Radio 1 from the legendary DJ Zane Lowe. The band were subsequently signed by Frenchkiss Records who released their debut album.

Snyder grew up inspired by a steady diet of Mercury-era Rod Stewart, Neil Young, Bacharach & David, and all-time fave, Roy Orbison, but he was lured into actually playing the stuff by his dad, who not only collected punk 7’s back in the seventies, but was a piano player in Pittsburgh’s monolithic Iron City Houserockers, probably the biggest band to come out of the Three Rivers area in the 70/80′s. Says Nic, “I have pictures of him on stage with Springsteen, Lenny Kravitz, and B.B. King. Now he’s considered a “legend” in the local blues scene. One of my first memories was of my mom speeding away from our house and telling me don’t ever become a musician or your wife will hate you.”


“Confetti” (7 inch single)

“Bigger Black Car” (Single)


"'Bigger Black Car' features a slower, bluesier shuffle than 2010’s 7″ single 'Confetti', which had Big Star/T-Rex vibes all over it, but singer Nic Snyder’s anguished wail recognizably remains." - Death & Taxes

"Mark my words: Pittsburgh's 1,2,3 are going places. Big, important and awesome places, even." - Pretty Much Amazing

"...swift, lo-fi, guitar pop..." - Consequence of Sound